Mojoreel Production is registered under the name of Mojoreel Production (SSM – 002028734-M) (MOF – 357-02190676)

  • —  At Mojoreel we bring new ideas and fresh concept into our movie productions.
  • —  Specializing in 3D, motion graphic, videography and photography makes our brand stand in line among the major players of the industry.
  • —  From October 2010 to October 2014, we have delivered more than 100 videos comprising of corporate video, tv commercials and to our customers
  • —  Mojoreel was founded by a group of young and experienced peoples who specializes in designing, advertising, production, ICT and marketing.
  • —  There’s a saying a picture speaks a thousand words, but at Mojoreel a spectacular picture tells a million stories.

—  “At Mojoreel, images come to life, motions reflect emotions, memories are frozen in time”


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